How To: Be an Internet Fashionista

1. Make your ‘fashion’ blog on, or

2. Pick a title that’s really ambiguous. Indie band song titles work (ie. KarmaPolice, CrownOfLove, SkinnyLove) Or, you could be really obvious about your fashion blog’s title (ie. FashionFever, Love4Fashion, CheckOutMyCloset)

3. Search for ‘fashion’ tags and reblog almost every picture you like decently enough.

4. When you get tired of reblogging, search for photos of cut off jorts… especially if they’re studded.

5. Post pictures of what’s in your purse (only if you have a Chanel compact, BlackBerry/iPhone, cigarettes, ray-bans, and if your purse is ‘vintage’ LV or Chanel)

6. Post quotes or pictures of quotes (that are layered on top of pictures of nebulae) about love, or not needing love, or not giving a fuck.

OK, OK Obviously I’m not serious about this & I am totally owning up to being a hater. BUT COME ON. When I search the fashion tag all I see is this shit and I don’t get it. Style, style is one thing. If this is your style, cool – go for it. And I’m not dissing you for blogging shit you like to look at. I’m not an awesome blogger by any means. I’m just saying all I see on the interwebs these days are sites very similar to what I have described and it’s not inspiring to see. I haven’t seen something new & innovative about fashion since Tumblr came around. So yes, I’m just ranting.

I’m going to carry on with my otherwise fantastic Monday. šŸ™‚

(all images found searching on tumblr.)


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