Queen of the Tragic Kingdom

This is a super long, picture heavy post. Deal with it.

If you’re a (just a) girl who grew up in Southern California then there is probably a high chance that you’ve idolized Gwen Stefani at one point in your life.

For all the 90’s babies who can still sing every word to No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom, Gwen will forever be the Anaheim-ian, bindi-wearing, plaid pants doting blonde that she was.

Then in the late 90’s/early 2000’s she dyed her hair pink and got braces and went on some alien shit with Return to Saturn… But we all remained loyal and started dying our hair and just wanted a simple kinda life.

Luckily that didn’t last long and she dyed her hair back blonde, No Doubt came out with Rock Steady (not the best album but still fun) and she got married to Gavin.

(Obsessed with her John Galliano dress. Hoping to have an ombre’d one like it in the future)

And finally in the mid-2000’s she discovered her inner Harajuku girl and came out with L.A.M.B./had a baby/remained fabulous, etc…

Anyway this post came about when I was lurking FashionGoneRogue like I do everyday and came across an editorial in Elle UK featuring none other than Gwen herself. I mean I can’t even believe how young she still looks.

(shot by Matthias Vriens)

One thing that’s remained solid throughout her fashion transformations:


So bottom line is Gwen Stefani is immortal and will always be stunning and I’m pretty sure I can find any song that she has sung in the past 20 years and relate it to my life.


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