Retail Therapy

Sooooo I was listening to NPR the other day and let’s face it, retail shopping is totally a luxury for the mass public now-a-days.  The only people that are really (or at least admitting to) spending money on retail are ‘younger fashion forward females’ from age groups 20-30.  And it’s bitterly true with the closing of Fred Segal Fun (we should pay a minute of silence in respect).  With shops like Forever 21, H&M, there is this craze of high-low fashion, the designs are high but the prices are low.  And as much as I preach and wear frou-frou designer clothing (ugh such a weakness for good denim), I still succumb to the irresistible $20 empress-silhouette dress from H&M.

So how are higher-ended department stores and boutiques going to compete with low prices!?

Apparently Macy’s is introducing a series of limited-edition designer collections beginning in February, starting with Kinder Aggugini.

(His inspiration board thanks to the New York Times Article).

And what about the people who still want high end fashion and lower prices? You have to check out these sites for great 24 hour deals. Sure you have to sign up your e-mail (I use my spam account), and they send you daily updates of what they have in stock, but to save 75% off designer prices? I got my pair of Joes for only $92 including shipping!

(Brands they work with: Michael Kohr Design, 7 For All Mankind, just to name a few)

HauteLook(Brands they work with: Romeo & Juliet Couture, Genetic Denim, Joe’s Jeans)

(Brands they work with: Calvin Klein, L.A.M.B, Lacoste)

(Brands they work with: 7 for All Mankind, Joe’s Jeans, L.A.M.B., American Apparel)

Have any to share? I would love to include more in this post, so leave a comment and an invite link!


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