Ok I Love Fashion & I Love Writing. I love reading fashion magazines (for the most part). But, now that I am forced to use stupid ‘buzz’ words for my PR internship, I HATE FASHION WRITING. I don’t like coming up with alliterating titles for a scarf that Madonna wears. I don’t like saying ‘chic’  or ‘edgy’ more than 5 times when writing e-mails. Can’t I use normal fucking words that normal people fucking say when talking about clothes?

I mean I get it, Ohhh do I get it. But really, it’s such blueballs for someone to have me ‘write’ them a pitch when really all I’m doing is coming up with clever ways of saying: THIS IS COOL, BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Ok.. now that my rant is over, I still have dreams to write for Vogue or Elle and I am not going to be discouraged 🙂

Have a nice Labor Day weekend ya’ll.


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