Anime Expo 2010

Con Report: The con this year ended up being a little bit better than last year, (it will never top Anaheim convention center in terms of layout and space). However there were TONS of staffing problems this year; including a big walk-out involving a lot of the coordinators. Cosplay meet-ups were rough, and constantly getting moved around the convention center (due to fire hazards? I guess I’ll buy it). Autograph sessions were unorganized, people with tickets were STILL put in the same line as people without. Staffers were uneducated about events they were working :/.

Now onto the good though, the COSPLAY! Cosplay is a mashup of the words ‘Costume’ and ‘Play’. (Makes sense doesn’t it?) Tons of fans will dress up from Sci-Fi to Anime and everything in between.  Hours and countless amount of $$ can be sent on a single costume, and the work really does pay off when everyone gives you paparazzi treatment.

Myself as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, Red as Misty from Pokemon, and ChoCho as Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann

special appearances:

Cho getting hassled by many fans:

I leave you with my favorite guest, r2d2. And a video of this new video game phenom amongst azn nerds: Para Para Paradise… it’s DDR for the hands. Just watch.


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